BIOQUEST FORMULA™ products are certified SAFE and GREEN because they are:

biodegradable - EU regulations require all detergent surfactants to be biodegradable, but we go above and beyond this, testing not only individual ingredients but the complete formula of all our laundry, surface and dish products.

concentrated - We pioneered concentrated formulas when it was considered radical. Because our products contain more active ingredients than diluting agents, you need less of them to deliver superb results. This saves you money, and cuts down on packaging and transportation - which fits in perfectly with our commitment to sustainability.

dermatologist-tested - Our cleaning products are safe and won’t cause allergies or irritations. SA8™ Baby Laundry Detergent has even been tested by paediatricians to make sure it’s kind to young, sensitive skin.

Powerfully green for a safer clean

All* AMWAY HOME™ products are powered by BIOQUEST FORMULA™ and contain high active, bio-based ingredients from natural resources like coconut, citrus fruits and minerals. They are designed to be safe, whilst still delivering excellent results.

The raw ingredients are tested thoroughly for safety throughout research and development. In fact, our product safety programme is among the best and most comprehensive in the world.

*Except SA8™ PreWash Spray and SCRUB BUDS™